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We are the Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence.

We are experts in personal growth and development of organizations, focused on mental and behavioural changes for personal fulfillment and success.


What is the Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence?

Since its founding in 2016, we have been striving for mental empowerment and behavioural excellence of individuals and organizations. Over the years, we have increased and expanded the Slovenian team to an international group of experts and researchers in the fields of neuro-cognitive science, psychology, management, sports, nutrition and wellness. Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence is one of the leading providers of transformational EQ Training and EQ Retreat programs for individuals and organizations globally.


Why are we unique?

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Our goal is to present information, concepts and trainings in an interactive way - through practice, experimentation and research of clients or participants. We believe that the right process of learning and changing the mind is only possible when we are relaxed, comfortable, feel safe and have fun. We accept all individuals without judgment or condemnation, and exactly as they are, because authenticity and integrity are one of our highest values. The learning process takes place on a conscious and unconscious level and completely takes over you - immersion training.

Unique for the Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence is also our interdisciplinary integration of knowledge from the fields of neuro-cognitive science, KVT, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, MBTI profiling, ... We successfully transfer the latter into programs and materials of the highest quality and one of the best in industry . Our programs and trainings are verified, evaluated and certified by international federations and organizations for demonstrated quality, excellence and integrity.




At the Neuro Institute EQ Training, we believe that the active implementation of emotional intelligence will help us all create more peace, prosperity and a better world.



Why is this important to customers? 

• Our clients recommend us because of our experience, high standards and continuous improvement.
• A morally ethical and highly emotionally intelligent international team.
• Scientific methodology and an integrated and strategic approach that brings practical and long-term changes.
• We are the only provider of advanced (VR) neurofeedback therapy in Slovenia.



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Our team

We live personal fulfillment.

Our work is not just a job, but much more. It is our way of life through which we live our personal fulfillment. We create changes - new thought patterns and demonstrated behaviours that support the achievement of goals and the creation of the desired future. Scientists call this process neuroplasticity of the brain. We call this living the personal fulfillment.

Our mission is to empower people to create a healthy, inspiring and fulfilling life through scientific approaches. At Neuro Institute EQ Training, we believe that the active implementation of emotional Intelligence will help us all create more peace, prosperity and a better world.


We are Katja and Larisa,

the founders of the

 Neuro Institute EQ Training

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    Katja Debelak

    Katja Debelak is a happy and energetic person with a strong commitment to constant learning and passion for self-improvement by challenging life to bring out the best personal potentials. Since childhood, she has been involved in professional sports, which motivated her interest in so-called ways of thinking; how to overcome obstacles and achieve goals? The latter had a significant impact on outlining her career path, which she devoted to finding answers to questions; how do people think and act? How to be successful? How to be happy? Katja has a master's degree in economics and business and specializes in neuro-cognitive science. She gained knowledge and experience in international companies, where she worked in the fields; management and leadership, HR, M&A and CSR. Due to the lack of comprehensive approaches to the personal growth of individuals and the development of organizations in the business world, she co-founded Zeleni Biser and Neuro Institute EQ Training. 

    In her work, Katja focuses on scientific research and the use of scientific findings, including the latest technologies - neurofeedback, biofeedback, VR, etc., in overcoming mental barriers to achieving individual and organizational excellence. Her main areas of research are: leadership and communication, concentration, stress & burnout, high performance in sports and the business world.

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    Larisa Marovt

    Larisa is a co-founder and pillar of the Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence. She is an enthusiast of the neuroscience of emotional intelligence, holds a master's degree in social sciences, and is NLPTA certified as a Social and Emotional coach. Her initial work experience extends to the leading positions of larger corporations, where her work at the head of the business administration of a larger company has led her to realize, how important an individual's emotional intelligence is for a successful and fulfilled life. With the spread of neuroscience and the growing need for practical approaches in the areas of personal growth and happiness, the Neuro Institute of Emotional Intelligence was formed. Larisa devotes a good portion of her time analyzing an individual's behavior and personality, the nature of introversion, a sense of belonging, heartiness, social fears, and stress management. She is currently focusing on the trait of a highly sensitive person, the secret of the subconscious, thus exploring the potential of the human brain.


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