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Imagine entering through the entrance of a private boutique villa, in a breathtaking location surrounded by unspoiled nature. You breathe fresh air and easily step into the company of like-minded individuals who, just like you, for a higher quality of life, seek new knowledge, new experiences and above all personal growth and personal satisfaction in their lives. Whether you're looking for a change, joy in life, optimism, or your vision, you know you're in the right place.

In the right place to calm, relax and restore your energy of all your senses and senses. You start your days with light movement or calm meditation, by jumping into refreshing water/sea and energetic food in a compassionate society that supports and respects your views. Immersion training of emotional intelligence through fun work motivates your mind and stimulates further discussions and reflections. Every day you learn something new about yourself and others, explore the power of an amazing mind and personally grow... Feel more lively, down to earth, relaxed and free and finally live your life personal satisfaction! Welcome! 


Why EQ retreats?

When we were thinking about how best to explain the purpose of our EQ retreats, we came up with the idea to present what the effect is or what kind of person you become when you attend a retreat.

This is a person who finds connection with themselves again, wakes up every morning full of energy and expectations. Who has the opportunity to use their strengths every day and has a sense of progress in their personal goals. Who feels excited about their future in all areas (career, or personal ambitions). Who enjoys both work weeks and weekends.

A new version of us always starts when we say YES to something, because on a subconscious level we give up on something else. The next time you decide whether to sign up for a retreat; ask yourself,

what do you subconsciously say NO to?  And to what do you really say YES? Isn't it your right to feel satisfied, confident and happy deep down?

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    We grow 2 times faster if we are happy with our career.
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    Work changes the brain and blood circulation.
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    Recovery is faster after death / divorce than after job loss.
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    The person we want to have as little contact with as possible is our boss (Have you thought about that?).
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    The meaning of our lives can determine our lifespan.

How many of us are truly aware of the emotions that and when we feel?

You have probably ever felt misunderstood or mispronounced correctly or the way you think you should? What about your relationships (personal or work) (? Are they good for you or do you find it difficult to get along with others?

You may need to focus more on raising your emotional intelligence skills at this point.

Being emotionally intelligent means that you are able to understand your own feelings and the emotions of others and you are able to manage them effectively. Our EQ retreat supports you to do just that. We are focused on a practical way to increase EQ without theorizing too much.


We believe that immersion training is the combination of beautiful surroundings, special energy places, healthy delicious food, wellness (massage, yoga, meditation), singing - voice care, neurofeedback and deep connections (with yourself and others) create strong energy. Learning the skills of emotional intelligence, however, is even more effective when you withdraw into yourself, and (crucially!) Away from your routine (comfort zone) and the supportive and international environment of like-minded people, and ensures long-term success.


Our locations

We run EQ retreats in exciting destinations!

Join us in green Slovenia, the spiritual island of Ibiza, and in the city that never sleeps, in Split. Our accommodations are boutique, private and above standard, so that an individual in retirement can relax as much as possible and is surrounded by nature and healthy and tasty food, which is given the finishing touch by the company of like-minded individuals. The goal of retreat is to feel satisfaction and joy on all levels.

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It has been scientifically proven that we learn the most when we have fun, so we make sure you have a great time, despite the intensity of the retreat. EQ retreats are designed immersive - experientially and participatory. In doing so, we exploit a specific property of the brain (neuroplasticity) to create immediate and transformational changes.

Feel more lively, down to earth, relaxed and free... live your personal fulfilment!


Neuro Institute EQ Community

The Neuro Institute community is committed to the individual's well-being and mental security. Due to careful interaction and like-minded individuals who bring the community together, each of the participants has a network of friends to help them in distress. They support each other's vision and contribute to the growth of our / their community. EQ retreat connects like-minded individuals in stunning locations.


Many of our attendees choose to take advantage of our friend discount and choose to bring their partner, family members, co-workers or friends with them and share their experiences and accommodation with them.



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    Behavior change can occur in a community; we cannot change in isolation.
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    Heart patients who had a coach with them. those who did not have it changed their lifestyle.
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    The community creates confidence for change.
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    Mutual responsibility leads us to action.
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    Compared to weight loss; 24% loss if you are alone and 50% if you are in a group.

Is it for me?

EQ retreat enhances emotional intelligence, not just in an intellectual way, but through healing our sensitive nature so that we can be more present and live in our rich human emotional capacity. In this way, we can truly be present as a loving individual.

Emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness that no longer serve us are transformed. This retreat is definitely for you if you want to live more fully, become joyful and emotionally resilient. By doing so, you experience a strong, positive side effect... you can be more present for others, you can listen without reacting, you are less afraid of control or manipulation of others. At EQ retreats, we train the art of listening deeply, observing and listening to others, and at the same time understanding their thoughts and feelings. These skills can change your life the way they have changed hundreds of others.

Even if you think you don't need an EQ retreat for yourself, this is a great workout to learn more about this topic so you can support your children, partner, parents, friends, co-workers ...


Be successful in the society

Everyone's well-being is directly related to good interpersonal relationships that support them in achieving goals, enjoying life and health. It is imperative to deliberately surround ourselves with people who promote our personal growth and devote time to nurturing and developing close friendships. Socializing among the participants of the Neuro Institute conjures up precisely this synchronicity. - On the one hand, you practice taking care of yourself while setting a healthy boundary with those around you.

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    15% of our happiness is reflected by the people we hang out with
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    we are only 10% richer / poorer than our closest 10 friends
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    we are embedded in social networks in any society / culture
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    61% chance of being smokers if we live with a smoker
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    If your friend has a stronger physique, there is a 57% chance that we will become one ourselves
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    we need 6 hours of social time a day to succeed in society

EQ retreat offers space to develop self-awareness, counteracts limiting beliefs and enhances personal impact by exploring 16 dimensions of emotional intelligence.



Who leads the EQ trainings?

You will be joined by renowned emotional intelligence experts with many years of experience  Larisa Marovt and Katja Debelak, who together with an international team of interdisciplinary experts take care of the progress and success of the participants. In the EQ retreat process, they use scientifically based approaches and high edge neurocognitive technology and successfully combine them with fun and meaningful activities that together form high quality, dynamic and unique immersion EQ retreat on an international level.

Larisa EQ top skills: Emotional Self-awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, Independence.

Katja EQ top skills: Assertiveness, Optimism, Stress Tolerance, Impulse Control.

Katja and Larisa and their team create a safe space for each participant so that they can explore how feelings and thoughts affect behaviour. They use a vigilant, thoughtful leadership style and practical tools that enable them to succeed and thus improve engagement and organizational performance. Be prepared for new ways of thinking and new abilities to act!



What to expect

Before starting the EQ retreat, fill in the questionnaire and take a psychometric test. You will receive the MBTI results and interpretation at EQ retreat.

The Neuro Institute EQ Training also uses the latest high edge technology of neurofeedback.

An example of a day at EQ Retreat

8.00 AM Yoga, meditation, swimming, jogging

9.00 AM

Breakfast – delicious and natural juices, wholefoods and goods
10.00 AM - 1.30 PM EQ training, neurofeedback
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM Balanced and wholesome meal
2.30 PM - 6.00 PM EQ training, reflection, practicing different technics
6.00 PM - 7.00 PM Meditation, voice care, massage
7.00 PM - Dinner, group activities or rest


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