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EQ Training is a transformation training and certified program for personal growth, achieving change and goals - personal and business oriented. It is based on interdisciplinary knowledge of neurocognitive science, emotional intelligence, CBT, positive psychology, NLP, and MBTI profiling. We offer EQ programs and trainings that are of the highest quality and one of the best in the industry, and we rank in the 1st selection among managers, entrepreneurs, special professionals, athletes and various individuals who demand personal satisfaction and goal achievement.


With comprehensive and intensive EQ Training, we can gain advanced knowledge and applied skills from the basic ignorance of neurocognitive science and emotional intelligence to gain advanced knowledge and useful skills to empower and gain confidence to create new mind patterns and demonstrated behaviours that create lifelong personal change in the way we act, develop and live.


Why our EQ Trainings are different?

Individually tailored
Before starting the EQ training, fill in the questionnaire, perform a psychometric test and do a short introductory interview. In order to clearly define the goals, needs and expectations of a strategically created individual development plan.

Immersion Training
EQ Trainings are designed immersive - experientially and participatory. In this way, we take advantage of a specific property of the brain (neuroplasticity) to create instant, transformational and long-term changes by having fun and dynamic learning.

Further support and progress
After completing the EQ Training, you become a member of a private online group dedicated to discussions, sharing experiences and further growth. We monitor your progress for a further 3 or 6 months and are at your disposal for any guidance or advice needed.




 Content and program of EQ Training

EQ Training content is based on the rich and extensive EQ-i (Emotional Quotient Inventory) model with 16 markers of emotional intelligence, whose founders are the pioneers of emotional intelligence Mayer, Salovey, Goleman and Reuven BarOn. Compared to other EQ models, the EQ-i model allows for a richer and more in-depth exploration of emotional intelligence and, consequently, more radical changes in demonstrated behaviour for personal satisfaction and success.



    EQ Practitioner Training

    Duration: 8 days

    Certification: EQ Practitioner and EQ communication

    Prerequisites required: not required

    What is included:

    • An integrated approach with an introductory interview and final evaluation.
    • MBTI testing
    • 45-50 hours training
    • Course material (manual and workbook)
    • Further 3 months support



    Eq Master Training

    Duration: 14 days

    Certification: EQ Master, EQ Leadership, EQ Well Being

    Prerequisites: EQ Practitioner Training or prior knowledge of EQ is required

    What is included:

    • An integrated approach with an introductory interview and final evaluation.
    • MBTI and EQ testing
    • 105-115 hour training
    • Course material (manual and workbook)
    • Further 6 months support




 About the trainers

You will be joined by renowned experts in emotional intelligence with many years of experience, Larisa Marovt and Katja Debelak, who, together with an international team of interdisciplinary experts, take care of the progress and success of the participants. In the EQ training process, they use scientifically based approaches and high edge neurocognitive technology and successfully combine them with fun and meaningful activities that together form high quality, dynamic and unique immersion emotional intelligence trainings internationally.

Larisa EQ top skills: Emotional Self-awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, Independence.

Katja EQ top skills: Assertiveness, Optimism, Stress Tolerance, Impulse Control.

During the trainings, Larisa and Katja create an environment of trust and psychological security, where each individual feels valued, accepted and respected, which increases the participation of all stakeholders and faster learning of new EQ skills. Be prepared for new ways of thinking and new abilities to act!


To be emotionally intelligent is to be happy and successful-

at the same time.
- Neuro Institute EQ Training



Who is EQ training for?

We create success stories with various organizations and individuals:

  • Brainboost
    Global NLP
    Global NLP
  • Muse

Whether you're looking for emotional intelligence in terms of professional training, whether you want to add EQ skills among your social skills, or simply want to master EQ for personal growth, communication, therapy, education, high performance, sports, leadership and business,... , we offer EQ Trainings that will help you achieve the desired goals.

Personal growth and development - therapists - health workers - social workers - teachers and academics - athletes - entrepreneurs - businessmen - leaders - hr experts - marketers - sellers - customer service - mediators - negotiators - speakers - parents

EQ Practitioner Training is designed for those who have no previous experience with emotional intelligence. With Practitioner, we master all aspects of EQ and basic skills on how to use them. To facilitate the tracking of the substance, it is recommended to do the Practitioner first and then the Master. If you have already trained or have a suitable basis, you can immediately apply to the Master. EQ Master Training is an upgrade of knowledge and acquisition of more advanced EQ skills.

What will you achieve

  • Recognize the power of emotions and how they affect your behaviour and responses.
  • Learn to use emotions to your advantage instead of being dependent on them.
  • Become a more successful, popular employee and employable staff.
  • Take advantage of EQ skills for well-being.
  • Discover the power of emotional intelligence in strong relationships and open communication.
  • Learn to avert or manage intense situations and pressures.





What participants are saying

  • K. K., Municipality Prebold
    All the 4 lectures and workshops were amazingly conducted, deserving every praise! The topics were professional and interesting. Both of the lecturers spoke very well and made us think on a deeper level than usual (EQ, the brain and the power of the mind, ...) and also inspired us to move forward. Again, you deserve every praise and I highly recommend you both!
  • S.P., Nova KBM
    Thank you for your time, efforts and pleasant debating moments. You gave me good instructions and directions. Everything was very professional and in the field of the expertise. Excellent impression, excellent intensity, excellent complexity, excellently clear and excellent lecturers. Keep up the good work, Larisa and Katja! I hope we meet again... good luck! I definetly recommend The EQ training.
  • M. J., Health Centre Ljubljana
    I would like to give my thanks for the great EQ workshop. I learned many things and realized that it just might not be to late to dive deep into who I am and ask myself what can I change, to be happy and honest to all, especially the ones who mean the most.
  • M. M., Sensilab
    Thank you ladies! It was fantastic and I can’t wait for the next lecture. I am already putting the already gained knowledge into practice – practice makes perfect!

Dates and locations of EQ Trainings


    EQ practitioner training autumn 2020

    Location: Ljubljana

    1. Module: 3. in 4. 10. 2020
    2. Module: 10. in 11. 10. 2020
    3. Module: 17. in 18. 10. 2020
    4. Module: 24. in 25.10. 2020



    EQ master training autumn 2020

    Location: Ljubljana

    1. Module: 6., 7. in 8. 11. 2020
    2. Module: 14. in 15. 11. 2020
    3. Module: 21. in 22. 11. 2020
    4. Module: 27., 28. in 29. 11. 2020
    5. Module: 5. in 6. 12. 2020
    6. Module: 12. in 13. 12. 2020



    EQ practitioner training spring 2021

    Location: Ljubljana

    1. Module: 6. in 7. 3. 2021
    2. Module: 13. in 14. 3. 2021
    3. Module: 20. in 21. 3. 2021
    4. Module: 27. in 28. 3. 2021



    EQ master training spring 2021

    Location: Ljubljana

    1. Module: 16., 17. in 18. 4. 2021
    2. Module: 24. in 25. 4. 2021
    3. Module: 8. in 9. 5. 2021
    4. Module: 14., 15. in 16. 5. 2021
    5. Module: 5. in 6. 6. 2021
    6. Module: 12. in 13. 6. 2021



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